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Cryptocurrency trading for everyone

Our trading bots can be used by both people with no trading experience at all, as well as by experienced traders

Set up your bots in a matter of minutes and forget about them while they trade for you around the clock

We work with a variety of well known FIAT-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Crypto Exchanges.


Highly skilled software developers working together with experienced traders, created a user-friendly Cryptocurrency trading platform.


Enable anybody anywhere in the world, without any previous trading experience, to easily trade cryptocurrencies around the clock.

How it works

Our uniquely developed bots are designed to detect opportunities and automatically perform trades on your exchanges’ accounts.


We regularly improve the algorithms that drive our bots and are always working on new useful features to enhance your trading experience.


Maximum flexibility with your bot settings, you can select from a wide variety of strategies and set unique purchase/sell trigger points.


We provide tips and explanations throughout the site, ensuring that you easily understand the available options, every step of the way.


We work with many exchanges, including FIAT-to-Crypto: Coinase, CEX.io, as well as Crypto-to-Crypto; Binance and HitBTC.


See what other successful users of our platform are doing and enjoy the possibility of using their top strategies with your own bots.

Referral Program

Receive commissions for successfully referring people to our platform, receive your commission promptly without delays.

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing

- Warren Buffet

Our Pricing

Lazy Trader
$39.95 / month
Up to $1500

Total trading amount

Up to 20

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